The most popular type of life insurance in Canada. Often the simplest and most affordable option, Term Life insurance will help pay off debts, mortgage, car loans, personal loans, and provide financial stability to your loved ones if you pass away.

This type of insurance provides coverage for a limited period of time called a term. A term is often between 10 and 30 years. Once you select the right policy, including the length of the term, your carrier will charge you a monthly fee called a premium. The cost of your premium will depend on your coverage and the length of your term. And, if you unfortunately pass away during the term, the benefit payment is tax-free.


About Term Life Insurance

Policies can be customized to cover a variety of scenarios including:
  1. Paying off debts – Car Loan, Mortgage
  2. Protecting your current assets
  3. Furthering your child’s education
  4. Changing the length of the term
  5. and much more

Find your perfect policy

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